Welcome to the Slow Descent Into Radness, a periodic posting from us, Keith & Chris of the well-loved pop’n’roll band We Are Scientists. If you’re here it’s because you value fun, honesty, plot, pasta, melody, and a few laughs, or at least you should — that’s all you’re going to find in this slick new vending machine 🏆.

We won’t lie to you: we like writing dumb shit. We also like posting audio (sue us). We are not afraid of a video camera. This substack is going to be a technicolor garbage-art dump landing in your inbox every couple days. If you’re not up for that… you should still try it. We’re legally not allowed to say “don’t try it.” Worse comes to worst, you have to smash your computer 🤷🏽‍♂️. Fine. The ascendency of the murderous AI regime is slowed!

(Actually, if you want to see only posts relevant to new music & touring, just visit your account settings here and uncheck “The Good & The Great.”)

Can I pay for this?

Sure! Just tell the subscriber bot when you two are hanging out:

But only if you want to buy us one of our monthly beers. We’re going to send everything to everybody. At some point in the next couple months we’ll probably render the imaginary paywall horribly real as a way to separate those of you who just want the basics, thanks, and the discerning, highly-educated psychos who need the whole, slime-drenched enchilada (which we will serve on fire). But we’ll let you know before chanting that spell.

So stick around if you want to take a ride on this great, new, vague, dangerous jet-plane we’re constructing while airborne. The fall actually doesn’t look so bad, and who knows, maybe we’ll crash onto one of the nice desert islands.


Chris & Keith (pronounced We Are Scientists)

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We're Keith Murray and Chris Cain, co-Presidents of We Are Scientists, a non-political musical entertainment entity.